Website intermediary defamation liability

I’ve been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, hence the lack of blog entries. While trying to catch up, I noticed a recent Toronto Star article by Michael Geist that does a good job of summarizing Canadian intermediary liablity.

This means the liability and obligations of owners of websites for material others post on them. Owners of such sites understandably don’t want to be liable for what others post – and don’t want to be forced to remove material based on a simple allegation that something posted violates someone else’s rights.

The article points out that for the most part, Canadian intermediaries do not have to remove third party material based just on an allegation, but that: allegations of defamation are the exception to the rule. Under current Canadian law, intermediaries can face potential liability for failing to remove allegedly defamatory content once they receive notification of such a claim, even without court oversight.

The article is a must read for any intermediary.

Read Michael’s article

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