Blog [finally] Gets a Face Lift

After 8 years and 1400 blog posts, we decided that my blog was getting a bit tired looking and needed a makeover. As you will see, one of the biggest changes is the decision to drop the “elegal” brand, even though the url will remain the same.  It seemed necessary at the time I started the blog for it to have its own brand.  Over time it has become clear that one’s name is as important as one’s brand – especially since the advent of social media – so it now is simply titled “David Canton” to better reflect my overall online presence. 

We have removed some of the old bells & whistles like the tag cloud that at one time was considered innovative, opting instead for a simple, clean and uncluttered look.   We hope you like the new look.  If you notice anything that is not as it should be, please let me know.

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