Reproduction rights essential for photo printing

DAVID CANTON – For the London Free Press – December 4 2004

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Imagine being refused service for being too professional. Some photographers are being questioned by photo labs as to the ownership of digital images they have brought in to be printed.

The pictures apparently look too professional to be done by the person bringing them in. In some cases, retail photo labs have refused to print the pictures for fear of copyright infringement liability.

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Spam Task Force Roundtable

Industry Canada’s Spam Task force is presenting a roundtable discussion Friday morning at 9:00 AM EST.

According to Industry Canada: “The purpose of the Stakeholder Roundtable is to provide an update of actions taken by the Task Force, as well as identify anticipated future challenges and solutions. The Roundtable will also offer an opportunity for key stakeholders to provide feedback regarding the fight against spam. In doing so, the Roundtable will highlight the progress being made in implementing the Anti-Spam Action Plan and the collaborative effort needed in the fight against spam

Listen to the Roundtable

VoIP growing pains

Voice over IP has many advantages over traditional phone lines, and is growing in popularity. It is not without problems – which should be no surprise when comparing new technology to phone technology that has been developing for generations. reports on a VoIP summit setting out some of the issues, such as 911 availability, power outage reliability, and security issues.

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The Art of the START

Anyone contemplating starting their own business should take a look at a book called “Art of the START”. Portions of the book and details about the author can be found on the “Changethis” website. The book offers practical advice – such as creating a mantra instead of a mission statement. It has a section on “Freqently Avoided Questions”.

Thanks to Joel Adams, Associate Director, Economic Development The University of Western Ontario Research & Development Parks, for recomending this book.

The Art of the START

CD sales losses from downloading questioned

In an article in the Toronto Star, Professor Michael Geist uses CRIA’s own numbers to conclude that the Canadian music industry’s losses from music downloading are not as great as some claim. He goes on to suggest other reasons for CD sales declines, including DVD sales and changing consumer habits.

Meanwhile, a trial has stated in Australia against the owners of the Kazaa file sharing software for copyright infringement.

Read the Toronto Star article
Read a Washington Post article about Kazaa

Blogs a useful promotion tool

DAVID CANTON – For the London Free Press – November 27, 2004

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Blogging is now considered an innovative marketing tool that corporations can use to better service their customer, employee and supplier relations.

It’s no longer perceived as merely a medium where computer savvy techies share their daily thoughts with others with similar interests.

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In case anyone is desperate for a blog to read on these slow US holiday news days, I offer a couple of definitions you may not have heard of.

Microsoft Minute: That flexible and always changing unit of time used when your system tells you how much longer it will take to download or install something.

Oh No Second: That excruciatingly long period of time your panic lasts after realizing you have unintentionally and irrevocably clicked that button that sets in motion an unwanted action – such as sending that half written email to all your customers.

EPIC Privacy and Human Rights Survey

David Fraser reports on his PIPEDA and Canadian Privacy Law blawg this morning about the release of Privacy International and the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s seventh annual Privacy and Human Rights Survey. It details global threats to privacy and related civil rights. The report paints a bleak picture of the erosion of the right to privacy, and the increase in government intrusiveness.

Read the posting and the report

CIRA Whois policy consultation

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has proposed a new WHOIS policy. Information on owners of domain names is now readily available using a whois search. CIRA’s proposal would limit the amount of information publicly available on individual registrants. Privacy concerns are one of the drivers.

CIRA is inviting comments on the proposed policy any time prior to January 15.

While I have not yet read the proposed policy in detail, one concern is the availablity of that information for legitimate purposes – such as locating an owner of an unused domain name for possible purchase, or finding the owner of sites that may violate the rights of others.

See the CIRA website for details.

Medical privacy now law

DAVID CANTON – For the London Free Press – November 20, 2004

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Ontario’s new law on the privacy of health information will affect every person in the province.

The Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), which became law Nov. 1, applies to individuals and organizations involved in the delivery of health-care services.

Some organizations that may not consider themselves in the health-care sector will be subject to PHIPA — it reaches beyond the traditional hospital/doctor setting.

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