Cars may inform on bad drivers

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DAVID CANTON, For the London Free Press – October 16 2004

Big Brother could be watching your every move as you drive. Your driving habits — from how fast you are driving to whether you fastened your seatbelt — are all being recorded.

Most cars are equipped with tiny “black boxes” known as event data recorders (EDRs). These tiny computer chips perform a function similar to that of the black boxes used to record data in airplanes.

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Copyright laws get flexible

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By DAVID CANTON — London Free Press – October 9 2004

Copyright law says no one can copy something created by another — such as an article, book, photograph, website, song or video — without the author’s express permission. The Creative Commons project ( makes it simpler for authors to give permission for certain uses without having to be asked specifically.

It is a way for authors to publish with some rights reserved rather than all rights reserved.

A version of the creative commons licence expressly tailored for Canadian law has just been released.

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