Windows Phone 7 – “Microsoft has out-appled Apple”

That’s the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows:

Microsoft unveiled its much anticipated Windows Phone 7 operating system this week at the Mobile World congress in Barcelona.  It is not based on the existing 6.X OS – but is entirely new – based on the Zune.

The reaction by the tech press has been very positive. For example, Gizmodo says that “Microsoft has out-appled Apple” , and “I’m sorry, Cupertino, but Microsoft has nailed it. Windows Phone 7 feels like an iPhone from the future. The UI has the simplicity and elegance of Apple’s industrial design, while the iPhone’s UI still feels like a colorized Palm Pilot.”

For other comment, see PCWorldengadget, Wired.

New phones using Windows Phone 7 will be available from several manufacturers and several carriers “by the holiday 2010 season”.

I have not seen any comment on when it will be available in Canada.

The frustrating part for me is that I bought a new phone last summer – I hate 3 year terms!

What Microsoft needs to fix with Windows mobile

BusinessWeek has an article entitled Windows Mobile: What Microsoft Needs to Fix.  It talks about how phones using the Windows mobile operating system are losing market share to the iPhone and Google Android, and what Microsoft needs to do to fix it.

I hope Microsoft can pull it off with Mobile 7, and that they get it out to the market soon.  The marketplace needs the competition.

For example, I currently use an HTC phone with Windows Mobile 6.  When I got the phone about a year and a half ago, it was cutting edge.  But now, with the advent of the 3G iPhone, and Blackberry Bold and Storm, it seems like a boat anchor in comparision.

When my 2 year phone contract rolls over this Spring – I may just switch over to an iPhone.  I have always tried to resist the Apple hype – but may not be able to any longer.

There are rumours that Microsoft may announce a Zune phone at the upcoming CES.  That could prove interesting if it is done right, and if it can ship relatively soon with a compelling mobile 7 OS. 

One of the frustrations with mobile phone announcements is that they are usually announced as vapourware – and not available for months – and then often only much later in Canada – and perhaps not with one’s current carrier that one is tied to with things like family plans and other bundled services.